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  • Ashram Ibiza Yoga Center

Service Description

​A real meditation practice isn't just about having a nice experience for a few moments—it's about having a great life.  Happiness is our default state, but we've accumulated a lifetime of stress, which hijacks the way we think, feel, act, and see the world. When we're overloaded with daily demands, our body produces stress chemicals designed to protect us from perceived danger. This stress is stored in the physiology for life—potentially decades. Vedic Meditation is an effortless mantra-based technique for transcendence that’s practiced sitting comfortably in a chair for 20 minutes while thinking a personalized mantra in the same easy and effortless way we think any other thoughts. Passed down for 5,000 years through an oral tradition of masters including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the world famous Indian guru known for teaching The Beatles and inspiring their White Album, and assigned by teachers expertly trained for thousands of hours, the correct mantra will be infinitely more charming to the mind than other thoughts.    Once the mind is calm, the body follows suit, attaining to a level of rest 2-5x deeper than sleep, dissolving deeply held stresses, and rebalancing natural happiness chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. Blaise DeAngelo is a Vedic Meditation teacher from Los Angeles. He's trained more than 3,000 hours in the Shankaracharya tradition of India, in the lineage of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who brought transcendental meditation to the West, and is one of less than 200 teachers in the world with the blessing of Maharaji Swami Kailashanand Giri, the undisputed and preeminent Master of all the Masters of India. Contribution : After completing the four-day course, students will be self-sufficient to practice Vedic Meditation on their own for the rest of their life to feel happier and healthier and perform at their best. The four-day course is offered for a special discounted rate of €400 for Ashram Ibiza students (100 € as online Deposit) , and the contribution can be paid upfront in person , or in 4x instalments of €100 each over 4 months, interest-free. Dates & Times : 7th Oct Private 1:1 sessions all day (1 hour each) 8th Oct 11:30am 9th Oct 13:00hr 10th Oct 12:00hr

Prox Horarios / Upcoming sessions

Cancellation Policy

1 - Nuestros pases son para uso exclusivo de la persona nombrada en el pase y no se pueden compartir ni transferir a otra persona. // Our passes are for use by the person named on the pass only and cannot be shared with, or transferred to, another person. 2 - Los pases son válidos por un (1) mes o tres (3) meses. Cualquier clase que no se tome dentro de ese tiempo vence y no se puede tomar después de la fecha de vencimiento. Los pases no se podran extender en su duracion bajo ningun motivo. // Passes are valid for one (1) month, or three (3) month. Any classes that are not taken within that time expire and cannot be taken after the expiration date. Passes can not be extended in time under any circumstances . 3 - Ashram Ibiza Yoga Center se reserva el derecho de cambiar los precios y horarios en cualquier momento. Las tarifas y horarios actualmente aplicables se mencionan siempre en el sitio web y están disponibles para su inspección en la recepción de Ashram Ibiza // Ashram Ibiza Yoga Center reserves the right to change the prices & timetable at any time. The currently applicable rates & timetable are always mentioned on the Website and are available for inspection at the reception desk of Ashram Ibiza. 4 - Se requiere reservar y pagar a través de nuestra web, para asistir a nuestras clases. Por favor contáctenos o reserve su lugar a través del sitio web haciendo clic en la clase deseada en el horario // Reservations for attending our classes and online payment are required. Please contact us or reserve your spot through the website by clicking on your desired class in the schedule. 5 - Empezamos las clases a la hora prevista. Si llega tarde a una clase para la que reservó un lugar, se le cobrará en su totalidad. La puerta permanece cerrada durante la clase // We start at the scheduled beginning. If you arrive late to a class you reserved a spot for, it will be charged in full. The Studio's door is locked during the class. 6 - Si deseas puedes traer tu propia esterilla y manta de Yoga para la práctica o usar el equipo del centro.// If you wish you can bring your own Yoga mat and blanket for the practice or use those provide by the studio. 7- Cancelaciones solo serán admitidas hasta 2 horas antes de la clase, y Talleres solo antes de 6 hr antes de la hora del taller. Las reservas canceladas por nuestros clientes no son reembolsables. Cancelación de clases realizada por Ashram Ibiza el crédito vuelve automáticamente a su pase, si cancelamos una sola clase o taller, recibirá un bono para canjear dentro de los 30 días. // Cancellations strictly up to 2 hr. before class, & for Workshops only up to 6 hr before the starting time. All reservations cancelled by our clients are non refundable. Class cancellation done by Ashram Ibiza the credit get back automatically to your pass, if we cancel a single class or workshop, you will receive a voucher to be redeem within 30 days.

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