Founder, Yoga Instructor and Meditation Facilitator

Satvika studied yoga in India since 2004 and after 9 years became an International Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. RYT® 200
She teaches Traditional Hatha Yoga, Hatha Flow, Sivananda and Vinyasa, assisting students in deepening their practice, focusing their energies towards a growing awareness of their personal life, in order to discover their true nature. In her classes you will learn about philosophy, breathing exercises (Pranayamas and Kriyas), Asanas (physical postures), alignments, relaxation and meditation. Her classes are for all levels and in two languages: English and Spanish.
Meditation facilitated by Satvika are:
1) Sitting and passive techniques (Vipasana and Mindfulness)
2) Active meditations (Osho’s techniques) that works on emotional and mental level, through dancing, breathing, shaking, catharsis, chanting, etc. Before being able to “sit silently” we need to release and cleanse all blocks from body and mind.
3) Guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) known as “conscious sleep or yogic sleep” which brings a deep relaxation to the physical, emotional and mental bodies, and is executed in Shavasana (corpse pose).


Dave Heijmans

Yoga Instructor

Davy is an experienced yoga teacher, whose aim is helping others thrive by nurturing body, mind and soul with yoga. His certifications : 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (Sivananda), 200-hour Yoga/Ayurveda Teacher Training, 80-hour Yin Yoga Immersion, Ashtanga yoga (K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute India) What you can expect from a class: A strong flow & focus on breath, A spirit of humor & playfulness, Stepping off the mat revived What you can expect from Davy: Authenticity & empathy, Wisdom & heartfelt love, Inspiration.


Ana Lloveras

Yoga Instructor & Masseuse 

Ana is a Certified Yoga Teacher since 2012. In 2014 went to India to study B.K.S Iyengar style, and since then she continues her practice there every year. Meditation Instructor by World Peace iniciative teaching in different countries. She also studied Corporal Expresion in Argentina at the University of Arts in Buenos Aires. She teaches at our center Yoga Lab. Her classes will bring to the student stillness in the mind through movement and awarness of the body..


Nicole Dooper

Yoga Instructor & KAP Facilitator

Vinyasa teacher in heart & soul. She follows the flow of vinyasa with sequence waves, on AND off the mat. Her aim is to bring out your own authenticity and to love yourself for that. She studied since 2013 with Vinyasa experts like Shiva Rea, Mandy Lathan, Simon Rowe & Daphne Koken and had her own Yogastudio Sthira Yoga In Amsterdam. She connects her practices with the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space. Her classes are energizing, healing and authentically playful. They may be described as a mix of traditional Yoga with creative sequencing, in a save environment to explore and accessible for everyone. She offers weekly KAP ceremonies at the center.


Lisandro Masaret

Qualified Massage Therapist

Lisandro studied and specialized in different techniques such as Deep Tissue Massage, Thai, Californian, Lomi-Lomi (Hawaiian Massage), Rocking harmonics, working in many countries during his carrier. From his own experience after so many year, he has created a unique personal style that envelops the body and mind in a deep connection with oneself.

Rita Chimienti.jpg

Rita Chimienti

Registered Osteopath, Physiotherapist and Craniosacral Therapist

Rita works in a holistic way, offering treatments that respect and connect the different parts of the body, to reach the patient's internal and external balance.


Tania Herrero

Certified Therapist

Her passion for knowledge of the human body through the ancestral Ayurveda medicine, local plants, sound therapy and emotions, makes her an unstoppable student on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Specialised in Abhyanga Massage, Phytotherapy, sound therapy, Reiki, basis of Bio-neuroemotion, Master in PNL and Brain Integration techniques, she offers an exclusive and personalised therapy as an alchemy for your healing and wellbeing.


Alicia Cernuda

Ayurveda & Beauty

Passionate about beauty, people, different cultures and self-knowledge, her path has always been in constant change and learning; her work, a reflection of her search. After initially focusing on the external care, as a stylist, the last years have taken an inward direction in her career, leading her to study as an Ayurveda therapist, in 2019 (India) and entering this infinite world of ancient knowledge. Thus, having very effective tools for the complete care of health.

Corinne Potislavowski.jpeg

Corinne Potislavowski

Therapist & Reiki Master

She trained in France in Energy Therapies, especially in REIKI (USUI method) obtaining the 4 degrees for the Master's Degree. Qualification validated by the Spanish Reiki Federation as Therapist and Teacher.

She works with an audience of all ages (Adolescents, adults, seniors), at all levels of the different areas of the human being. She has created her own method to adapt to the needs of the person, whether on a physical level (unexplained chronic pain), mental (when it comes to emotional blockages or post-traumatic shock), spiritual (for people looking for personal development ).

You can use Tibetan bowls, in certain cases, to clean memories of cells or remove old memories. It offers sessions in Spanish / French.

More info: www.potislava / / corinne


Alina Vergara

Therapist & Masseuse

Alina has been trained in Argentina as a Master Reader of Akashic Records "soul sequences", in Metamorphic massage and Usui Reiki. In Spain she has studied Californian massage. What has been lived and learned through these tools, generates in her the desire to transmit the possibility of mobilizing internal energy, so that it flows freely and harmonizes body-mind-soul, thus developing self-healing skills, respecting the internal process. She continues to train and work within herself, to continue deepening her knowledge.