I came here having never done Yoga and meditation. I felt I really challenged myself and tried to jump right in. This retreat have been great!! I learned how to breath properly and focus on my inner peace. I will recommend this to my friends in Norway .

Much Love and peace xxxx


Norway -

Dear Satvika, many many thanks for giving me such a wonderful retreat! It give me in 5 day more than I have been practicing yoga in the last 10 years.  Also big hug to Fabiana, who was cooking for us healthy and amazing delicious food !!

Love, peace and light . Namaste 


Russia -

5 fantastivos dias de descanso, enriquecimiento físico y espiritual . Como dice Satvika : LOVE, AWARENESS AND FREEDOM are the key elements for the happiness and wellness. Y la base de todo es el Agradecimiento.

Enjoy the life !!! Thank you so much!!



Querida Satvika! Es un tremendo honor participar en tu retiros espiritual, físico y emocional! La magia de cada meditacion tiene efectos magnificos y todo lo que nos compartes es una bendición del cielo y el universo conocido como el AMOR!

HARIBOL Y MIILONES DE GRACIAS y te deseamos todas las bendiciones para ti y ashram Ibiza!

Sri & Joakin (Kirtaners & DJ of Global Party People)

Colaborators in Mistik Rose Retreat

Maestra Satvika, estoy muy agradecida por todo lo que nos compartiste. Fue un nacimiento para mi que estaba buscando. 

Gracias por ser luz en mi camino.

Adriana Manrique


​Dear Satvika, NAMASTE!!

My 2 weeks was unique experience !!

I didn't know what to expect on meditation and this was great !! Every class, practice is something different! you are so cool, smiling and explaining in details everything in your classes.

Keep doing it with love and compassion.

Thank you for being my teacher and my friend (you have been helping me a lot ...!) 



​Llegue al retiro como no debe hacerse nada en esta vida... Llena de expectativas! No pude evitarlo, lo necesitaba: mi cuerpo, mi mente y mi alma lo necesitaban, y yo había imaginado decenas de veces como seria... y bien? Increíblemente, este maravilloso lugar, no solo alcanzo mis expectativas, sino que las ha superado con creces!! Me voy llena de paz, de amor y de conciencia.  Sintiéndome libre y yo misma. He compartido un tiempo precioso con mi alma y solo tengo palabras de gratitud, por haberme hecho tan maravilloso regalo; y para satvika, en segundo lugar, porque ha resultado ser la maestra que estaba buscando: dulce, apasionada, libre, disciplinada, amante de una búsqueda espiritual que ha convertido en su forma de vida, y la admiro profundamente por ello. Solo una palabra , GRACIAS , por lo que he encontrado (valiosas herramientas para el futuro) y por lo que me llevo : a una Iris mas libre, mas saludable y mas feliz. Namaste :)

Iris Palomo Ribas


Thank you so much for this wonderful retreat!! I really enjoyed every moment of it. It was great to get to know different meditation techniques that i never thought of.  My favourite was the Heart Dance Meditation and Kundalini Meditation. Also the workshop of Surya Namaskar that help me to deeper my understanding, opening totally !!

I will never forget "my private week" . Wish you all the best of luck for your futures plan! i believe with your positive energy and love you will easily manage to fulfil your goals.

Satvika, you are a wonderful and so openhearted and loving person and I felt so much joy during the classes with you and I really look forward to come back again!

hug and Love 



Thank you Satvika, you have helped me open the love in my heart more for me . Blessed be and love always xxxx



Thank you very much Satvika!! I had a very nice time here! Leaned a lot and the food was delicious !! 




Dear Satvika, Thank you with the heart for the experience and understanding i could have here!!! LOVE

Orlando righi


Such a beautiful space, very much look forward to coming back again :)



​Dear Satvika, this week was wonderful and full of little wondrous. It was sometimes frightening , hard work but also so relaxing, cleaning and a little step to be one day hopefully free.

I love this place, the sound of the bees and birds arounds. It is a little paradise what you have created here. Keep on going like that, you give a lot to people with love and freedom and happiness.


Thank you for this work and hopefully I can come again - maybe next year ? Who knows !

Un beso y un abrazo grande !!!


Greeting and kisses to Fabiana and Tania, as well. There are so lovely and nice !:) 



​Thanks you soooooooooooo much ! Can't wait to come again and bring all our friends !! xxxxx


Uk - Falmouth

Dear Satvika, WOW! such an inspirational week !!! :)

This retreat has surpassed my expectations (even though they were already high!).

I thought i knew about Yoga, but you have opened my eyes so much and inspired me to learn more going forward. I wanted to come away with the ability to do my own practice home with just the Surya Namaskar but i hace came away with so much more!!

Lovely place to call my home for the week, such a peaceful atmosphere :-) Spending the afternoons at Cala Martina beach is also just what i needed!

Satvika you are wonderful teacher, so much patience, opens, joy and you explain things perfectly.  You allowed me to feel completely open and relaxed when doing the active meditations and I feel much lighter and joyful person!

Compliments to the lovely vegan chef Fabiana!! her vegan meals were a dream!!

I will be back for sure :-)))))


Best wishes and NAMASTE  



Stare qui mi ha riportato al'india . Una magica esperienza di condivisione vicino al Master Samdarshi.

Tutto questo grazie a te satvika!!!





An amazing spirit, lovely and nice people. Love and grateful to have had the opportunity to cook for these people.

Fall in love with you all!!!! Thank you! thank you Satvika ERES LO MAS!!!

Fabi (Vegan Chef)


Dear Satvika, it has been such a beautiful experience to be here, very powerful and it has touched my life and my soul sooooooo much. Thanks for doing what you do .

Love and Namaste



Satvika, Your yoga and Meditation retreat is like a journey, for the body, mind, energy and I have learned so much more then I could imagine.

Thanks for all you have made possible! 





GRACIAS Satvika!!!!

Amazing energy, amazing yoga teachings, amazing all! I m sure we will meet again, very soon!!

Enjoy India and of course the life!

Lots of Love, happiness





Dearest Satvika, The whole week has just been a constant and growing enchantment!

Your energy for discipline inspire me for my journey which will continue after retreat. You make people glow and this place is a real place of peace for well being.

There is so much I have inside for you helped me to let come out so for everything you did, i want to THANK YOU !

Satvika you are a STAR


Flora Curri


Dear Satvika!! So many thanks for beautiful experience for body and soul. All blessings for the Ashram Life!!

Yoga with you is excellent with philosophy between! You are really good teacher!

Lots if love and light for you and your great place 




Dear Satvika, Muchas, muchas GRACIAS!!!!

The yoga retreat was simply amazing!! I m grateful and inspired by your energy, compassion, kindness, dedication, discipline and knowledge of yoga! it was such a real pleasure - and so rare - to have the opportunity to study with such a knowledgable  yogi! 

I loved how your teachings stayed tune to the authentic spirit of yoga! Such a pleasure to learn the traditional way like in India :-)) 

The Yoga and the meditations really helped me so much!!! you inspired me to continue and depeen my practice, especially of meditation which i had stopped doing. I see now how important it is for me to continue doing it, that it is something very important in my journeyof love.


Such a pleasure to meet you and all other kindness  spirits in this retreat.

Dhanyavaad Satvika!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE 

Meryl Job


I didn’t know what to expect when i started the retreat , but it was more than i hoped for! i also didn’t know what and active meditation could do to me…that i could feel so much emotions was a surprise for me, but i LOVED IT!! 

it was  great to experience the whole week and SO nice to be here, thank you thank you thank you thank you so much dear Satvika. Love Esther



Dear Satvika, even thou i arrive bit later to the retreat i felt so welcome and there was still a lot to learn. Everyday was a new experience and the journey in Yoga and Meditation were far on top of what i expected . 

I never experience active meditation before, however it was amazing . You can create such a lovely atmosphere in the group that everybody feel comfortable.

I m very glad that you gave me these insights in new perspective and opened my mind and definitely motivated me to practice more yoga.  You are someone to look up to!! i hope to see you soon again and wish you all the best ! lots of LOVE Anouk



​Thank you so much. We all got a lot out of your session. Thank you for making us feel relaxed and teaching us.  The simplicity of the lesson was fantastic and we all understood what to do to meditate. The roof top was a fantastic canvas for you to educate and inspire, Jed is super happy with the session!

Mark, Jacky and Jed (Father, Mother and Son of 11 years old)

South Africa

Muchas gracias Satvika! Hemos estado genial , y hemos vivido una experiencia maravillosa que recordaremos siempre. Me encanta tu ‘lema “ : vivir con amor, consciencia y libertad. Intentare tenerlo presente SIEMPRE. NAMASTE



Muchas gracias, ha sido increíblemente compartir estos días contigo. Una experiencia que la recomiendo a todo el mundo. Gracias por todo!!!



Dear Satvika

I want to let you know how much we enjoyed your  heartwarming welcome. It was amazing to see the people receiving the message with an open heart. You facilitated this for all the people with the most wonderful spiritual atmosphere you created. Thanks again for the opportunity and we hope we will meet again.

Love an gratefulness, Monique 


The Netherland

Hi Satvika , I just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge of yoga with me when I joined your class and then the Saturday morning session of your weekend workshop.

I very much enjoyed being taught by you and felt the benefits after the practice. you have created a beautiful open air space to practice in and the sunshine and slight breeze made the perfect environment.

I look forward to visiting you again the next time I am on holiday in Ibiza.

My very best wishes to you


lots of love



Sally Cartwright


I felt terrific after the Yoga & meditation. I was challenged by both and really felt the benefits afterwards physically and mentally. I left feeling calm and so much fitter after just a few days.  Satvika's warm heart and welcome made a big difference and the Ashram Ibiza is my new home from Home! .

Fiona Harold.

Fiona Harrold


grazie e stato molto utile vederti insegnare Sirsasana...thank you. Om Nama Shivaya. 

 Loris Trapanese.

Loris Trapanese


Beautiful flow of healing love-energy, Ma Satvika.

Mark New.

Mark New


Thanks for the lovely time and yoga teachings Ma Satvika.

George Fabris Justo

Geroge Fabris Justo


Brilliant teaching, lovely welcome - perfect place! 
Big shout out to Ma Satvika at Ashram Ibiza for her fabulous yoga and meditation teaching - truly great inspiration and teaching and beautiful place to stay .

Fiona Harold

Fiona Harrold


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