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We hold a variety of yoga classes, from traditional to modern styles, including asanas (physical postures), alignments, breath work, Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) and relaxation.
You can find the class that suits your needs according to your level and availability.
You can purchase a day pass, or sign up for three to an unlimited number of classes.
We offer daily meditation sessions, with no previous experience necessary.

Meditation sessions are included in the schedule and are donation based, our way to share with our community.
Book in advance, and enjoy!


Unlimited Pass 108€ (valid for 1 month)
(Promo valid til 31st March 2024. Purchase only at reception, showing your resident card))

PROMO Pass 3 Classes 29€ (valid 7 days)
(Please show your Resident card at reception in your first class) 
Trial Class 10% off
 (only booking at reception)

Classes Schedule

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All Yoga passes are valid for 30 days & 90 days (except our 6 months membership), and can be used for any class.

Yoga passes are not valid for workshops, courses or special classes.


Click on the desire class and our system will guide you through OR click the CLICK HERE & BOOK button, and our reservation system will display. You'll see the option to buy a single class, or a Pass. (PLAN).

You must choose a class and time, and click on "Book". Then you will see the option to "pay single session" or "Buy a Pricing Plan (Pass)", by clicking on this second option you will be able to see our Yoga passes and buy online the one that best suits your needs. From your account, you can book the classes you want, and they will be automatically deducted from your pass. If you cancel classes, the credit goes back to your Pass! It's that simple!

We recommend to create an account downloading SPACES by WIX app. Is easier to book & manage your classes!


  • Online reservation and payment are required before attending.

  • Reservation are open up to 30 minutes before the time of the class.

  • We do not reserve places for classes by phone/WhatsApp.

  • If you prefer to pay in cash, please come to our center 15 minutes BEFORE a class. 

  • Check with us by message if there are places available in your desire class.

  • Please be aware the doors  will remain locked during the time of our classes.



If you encounter any problem with the reservation process, contact us immediately . 

You will received a confirmation email for your reservation and payment.

Cancellations: strictly up to 2 hours before the class.



30 days (1 month Yoga)

  • Unlimited Pass: 120 € 

  • 8 Classes Pass: 79 € 

  • 5 Classes Pass: 57 € 

  • 3 Classes Pass: 37 € 

  • Single Class: 19 €

90 days (3 months Yoga)

  • Unlimited classes : 330 € 

  • 20 classes Pass : 240 € 

  • 10 Classes Pass: 125€ 

  • 5 classes Pass: 72€ 

180 days (6 months)

  • Membership Unlimited: 630

Private Yoga Classes:

  • One to one at the Yoga Center: 70 €

  • One to one or group on location: from 80 € to 125 €

  • Retreats, price on request

  • Packages of 5 Classes (at the Studio) 300€ / PROMO RESIDENTS 250€


Please contact us for availability

We provide all Yoga equipment.

New Student Guide

Yoga practice helps you quiet your mind, develop greater mental focus, increase your wellbeing, build strength and flexibility. This guide gives you the basic information to get started.


  • Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the start of the class.

  • If you are late: the studio doors are closed during class. If you are late, unfortunately, you will not be able to enter the studio and join.

  • Clothes: Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. It should allow a full range of movement including twisting and bending. Our center has changing rooms.

  • Yoga equipment: we provide all yoga equipment for the studio classes. Outdoor classes, you need to bring youw own mat or rent one from our reception.

  • Avoid: Strong perfume, essentials oils, cologne, and other scents. Respect the space and your fellow students by keeping your mat and body clean and odor-free.

  • Eating & Drinking: Allow 2 - 3 hours to elapse after a heavy meal or 1 hour after a light meal. A little water is okay, but too much liquid can be uncomfortable.

  • Footwear: Yoga is practiced barefoot in order to find and secure a stable, balanced contact with the floor, which is essential for standing poses. Working with bare feet also provides a rare opportunity to stretch and strengthen the feet.

  • Since we walk around the center barefoot, it is most hygienic if everyone takes off their street shoes first thing at the front door. Please put your shoes on and off right at the door, shoes are not allowed on the practice floor, nor in the tea lounge or inside the center.

  • Electronic devices: Please turn off your cell phone or choose silent mode.

  • Personal belongings: Please leave them in the changing room.

  • Communicate: Let us know if you have any injuries, limitations, or concerns.

  • Other people’s mats: Please do not step on other people’s mats – it is their sacred space


  • Yoga practice typically involves a series of physical postures that are coordinated with full breathing and a mental focus on the present moment. It is a lifelong practice and there’s no need to do it all on the first try. During class we offer modifications for the physical poses so you can choose to make them more or less challenging depending on your mood and needs. We want the practice to suit you and feel good.

  • In Yoga practice, there is no competition. It is an opportunity for you to practice relaxed awareness of your body, breath and mind. Challenge yourself but don’t push too hard – Yoga should never be painful. If you can’t breathe, it’s a warning to back off a little and reduce the intensity of the pose.

  • Child’s pose: Take care of yourself in the practice, rest in child's pose whenever you need a break. You can take this pose at any time, even if the teacher does not cue it.

  • Savasana: This is the last pose of class where we lay down and close our eyes. It is an important pose because your breath and heart rate will return to normal, your muscles relax, your body temperature drops and your nervous system is refreshed and revitalised.



  • Return: If you borrowed a mat and used yoga props, please return them neatly.

  • Shoes: Please put your shoes on at the door right before you leave. Please do not walk into the tea lounge or center with your shoes on. Thank you.

The first place to start is to read our class descriptions in order to find classes that appeal to you. Then look at the timetable to see when the classes are available. You can find class descriptions and timetable here.

If you need advice or have questions, please feel free to contact us and we can help to point you in the right direction.


Traditional yoga class with mantras, pranayama, asanas, surya namaskar, alignment and relaxation


gentle full body flow to encourage our body's subtle energies to return to balance and harmony. Using the breath and resting in posture for a deepen restorative practice.