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Founder, Yoga Teacher and Meditation Facilitator

Satvika studied yoga in India since 2004 and after 9 years became an International Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.E-RYT® 400
She teaches Traditional Hatha Yoga, Hatha Flow, Sivananda, Vinyasa, Soft Yoga and restorative, assisting students in deepening their practice, focusing their energies towards a growing awareness of their personal life, in order to discover their true nature. In her classes you will learn about philosophy, breathing exercises (Pranayamas and Kriyas), Asanas (physical postures), alignments, relaxation and meditation. Her classes are for all levels and in two languages: English and Spanish.
Meditation facilitated by Satvika are:
1) Sitting and passive techniques (Vipasana and Mindfulness)
2) Active meditations (Osho’s techniques) that works on emotional and mental level, through dancing, breathing, shaking, catharsis, chanting, etc. Before being able to “sit silently” we need to release and cleanse all blocks from body and mind.
3) Guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) known as “conscious sleep or yogic sleep” which brings a deep relaxation to the physical, emotional and mental bodies, and is done in Shavasana (corpse pose).



Yoga Teacher

Blair Hughes, is a natural teacher with over 17 years of experience. He has an innate ability to inspire and empower his students, intuitively guiding them on a journey above and beyond the physical. 

His journey into yoga started back in Scotland when he was 18. It was 15 years later before he began teaching and studying with some of the most influential yoga teachers and performance coaches in the world. He is an E-RYT 500hr certified yoga teacher trainer, based in Ibiza, where he shares the teachings of yoga locally and globally. 

Blair’s gentle nature, combined with a commanding presence, creates a powerful and potent space to transform and grow. 

Blair’s classes are delivered in his very best West Highland Scottish accent.

His classes are challenging yet fun, and his intention is that you leave feeling grounded and empowered.



Yoga Teacher

Chiara started her Ashtanga practice a few years ago, until in 2019 she traveled to India and her life changed completely. She completed a 200hr in Hatha & Vinyasa Flow, and in 2022 250hr. both certified by Yoga Alliance.

Passionate about anatomy and movement, she continued her studies in Kundalini and Yin yoga.


Her classes are dynamic and accessible to everyone. Following his philosophy to create a safe space where you can feel safe, protected and feel at peace with yourself.



Yoga & Pilates Teacher 

Jelena teaches Hatha Flow, Yin Yoga and Pilates. In her classes she will support you through fluid routines and a personal creative touch, to make each practice your own practice, ultimately allowing the mindful physical movement,  be a gateway to one’s mind, a discovery of the Self.

She completed her first teacher training (RYT200h) in Azusa, California, then went for additional (RYT500h) training in Florence, Italy, and a (RYT60h) training in Yin Yoga in Ibiza. She is a certified Pilates method instructor, passionate about anatomy and with over 6 years of experience. 

Rita Chimienti.jpg


Registered Osteopath, Physiotherapist and Craniosacral Therapist

Rita works in a holistic way, offering treatments that respect and connect the different parts of the body, to reach the patient's internal and external balance.



Therapist & Masseuse

Alina has been trained in Argentina as a Master Reader of Akashic Records "soul sequences", in Metamorphic massage and Usui Reiki. In Spain she has studied Californian massage. What has been lived and learned through these tools, generates in her the desire to transmit the possibility of mobilizing internal energy, so that it flows freely and harmonizes body-mind-soul, thus developing self-healing skills, respecting the internal process. She continues to train and work within herself, to continue deepening her knowledge.

Pedro Luis.jpeg

Pedro Luis

Energy Therapist and Meditation Guide

During his life he had countless extrasensory sensations that he could not identify, which led him to train in different therapies looking for answers to what he felt and saw but could not understand. Without finding an answer in therapies, he continued searching, but it was through personal meditation, connecting with himself (with his essence) that he developed more deeply that capacity for vision that led him to really understand and understand how energy works in people.

Thus, he developed his own healing technique, cleaning those energies that he sees as not proper to the person, making him recover the frequency with which he was born, cleaning all the charges accumulated during life, restoring physical, emotional and mental balance.

He has the ability to see energy, as well as to speak with people's essences, which is why the meditations he offers are different, each one arises depending on the energy of the moment. His energy cleaning sessions, for people and spaces or electrical devices, are done individually, in person or remotely, and only in Spanish. Group channeled meditations are offered weekly at Ashram Ibiza.

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