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 at our Santa Eularia Center and in India


(Donation based)

March 16, April 2 & May 4 

11:30 to 14:00

An Opportunity to explore meditations techniques in a safe space.

~Active Meditation
~Sitting Meditation
~Guided Meditation
~Mindfulness Meditation
~Sound Meditation

We offer this Workshops on Donation based. All funds collected will be donate to Satya Sadhana Sasthan Ashram (Rishikesh - India)

“Make a difference in your life, by sharing and giving back. There is a higher experience when we are giving from the heart.”

Either you have done meditation or it is your first time, this workshops are suitable for everyone.
The teacher will guide you through different meditations techniques, all meditations comes from real masters who have given back to us in the most beautiful and valuable way.

All techniques of meditations we offer has been created from Buddha’s time or Osho’s or Swami Satyananda , and are still with us in its pure essence .

Donations can be done directly at our reception , by cash or credit card, after the workshop.

Donations are an opportunity for you to determine the value of the workshop according to your own experience.

Satvika will be guiding all sessions and is more than happy to share with you this meditations. Instruction will be given in Spanish & English before each session.

You can sign up directly from our site, limited space .

When we share, we growth, we become one.
To give and share there is not limit! Once you experience it, you want to share more and more Please Book your place in advance, limited space.

Om Symbol on the Beach
Swami Samdarshi


Every year at Satya Sadhana Sasthan Ashram - Rishikesh & Goa

Rishikesh Dates: Begins November 2023

Dates in GOA: January 15 to March 15, 2024.

Swami Prem Samdarshi was born in 1961 in Banda (near Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, India), the eldest son of a cloth merchant. He instinctively knew the Vipassana meditation technique and practiced it on his own until after meeting his Master, Osho, he realized that what he had been practicing was a powerful ancient meditation technique. In 1983 Osho initiated him into Sannyas, after which he spent considerable time in Osho's presence. Years of intense meditation followed during which he also tried a variety of meditation techniques, but eventually returned to Vipassana.


After 7 years of intense sadhana, he attained enlightenment on April 2, 1990. Describing the experience, Swami Samdarshi said, “All knowledge of existence was revealed to me. All my existential questions were answered. My thirst was quenched. Finally, I came home.” Master Samdarshi currently runs Satsang retreats in Rishikesh, Manali, Goa (India) and travels the world at various times of the year offering daily Satsang, teaching meditation and answering questions from seekers.


"Sat" means Truth and "Sang" means Company. Satsang means "in the company of Truth". In deep and intimate proximity with the Truth. A trusting and receptive communion with the Master who has attained the Truth. In a state of silence, open heart and deep love, the Master flows towards the disciple. Satsang is an open event based on donations.

Please contact us for more information.

"Love is your nature. You were born with it and you have never been without it. Sharing is the path to your nature and when you reach your nature, you will suddenly find that you are full of love."


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