at our Santa Eularia Center and in India



Saturday 27th. November 2021 - 10:00 to 14:00

Why do I feel tired? Why is this happening to me? Why  am I feeling sad? alone? confused? … are this negative feeling ever go? How can I find peace, Calmness, happiness? How can a feel good with my self? How can I release stress? ….


In today’s world it seems there is an answer for everything….


An there’s times it can seem like answers mean nothing…


We invite you to this workshop, where we go through 2 active meditation techniques (Osho) that works on mental & emotional level, to cleanse, to release, to let go the “old” that is blocked inside of us. 


There has to be a time in life when we can free those emotions to finally find relaxation.



10:00 - 11:15 Yoga & Breathing 

11:30 - 12:30 No Mind Meditation

12:45 - 13:45 Mistik Rose Meditation 

14:00 Tea & Fruits


No previous experience needed. Everyone is welcome

Guided by Satvika

English / Spanish


Price: € 35 / person



Advance booking required, limited space.



Saturday 4th. December 2021 - 11:30 to 13:45

Using the breath as our natural tool to awaken the dormant energy in the body.We learn breathing techniques to remove toxins, release stress, clean emotions and centred the mind.  Creating a strong connection with the breath, we are able to create such a inner space that nothing will make you shake in life.


Breath is power, space and a guidance to reach your center. Discover what is prana, what is energy, by your own experience.

11:30 - 12:30 Breathing Techniques

12:45 - 13:45 Breathing Meditation (Osho)

Instructor: Satvika 

English / Spanish 


Price: 25€/person

Advanced booking required, limited space.



Saturday 11th. December - 10:00 to 14:30

A Meditation journey to experience, feel and discover the taste of meditation.  This is an experiential workshop in which we can find out what is right for ourselves.​

Meditation is a way to learn how to relax, how to live properly, learn how to find balance in our life, learn how to re-charge, how to enjoy... Meditation is an alchemy, where through practice, you realise that Life is Beautiful.

There is no theory, nothing to "talk about",you will be guided through different meditations techniques (yoga, sitting, active, dancing and silence).

All levels are welcome, no need previous experience. English/ Spanish.

Herbal teas & fruits available at the end of the workshop.

Instructor: Satvika 
Price: 35 €/person

Advance booking required, limited space.



Saturday 18th December 2021 - 17:00 to 19:00

A space where you can dance, express yourself trough movement, stillness, sounds and silence in a safe place , to explore, release and have fun with care and respect.


You will be guided trough different exercises to explore movement, and there will be free-style movements to create and improvise.


Come to dance-out all the heavy thoughts from the year!!

Instructor: Ana Lloveras

English / Spanish 

Price: 25 €/person

Advance booking required, limited space.


Samdarshi Every year in Satya Sadhana Sasthan Ashram - Rishikesh & Goa 
Dates in Rishikesh: Starting November 2021
Dates in GOA : to be confirmed


Swami Prem Samdarshi was born in 1961 in Banda (near Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, India), the oldest son of a cloth merchant. He instinctively knew the meditation technique of Vipassana and practiced it on his own until after meeting his Master, Osho, he learnt that what he had been practicing was an age old potent meditation technique. In 1983, he was initiated into Sannyas by Osho, after which He spent considerable time in Osho’s presence. Years of intense meditation followed during which He also tried variety of meditation techniques, but ultimately resorting to Vipassana.


After 7 years of intense sadhana, He attained enlightenment on April 2 1990. Depicting the experience Swami Samdarshi said: “All the knowledge of existence showered on me. All my existential questions were answered. My thirst was quenched. Finally, I came home.” Master Samdarshi presently organises Satsang retreats in Rishikesh, Manali, Goa (India) and tours across the globe at various times of the year offering daily Satsang, teaching meditation and answering seekers’ questions.


"Sat" means Truth and "Sang" means Company. Satsang means “in company of Truth”. In deep and intimate proximity with the Truth. A trusting and receptive communion with the Master who has attained the Truth. In a state of silence, open heart and deep love, the Master flows into the disciple. Satsang is an open event based on donations. Please contact us for more information.


"Love is your nature. You were born with it and have never been without it. Sharing is the way to your nature and as you reach your nature suddenly you will find you are full of love."



Swami Samdarshi