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 at our Santa Eularia Center and in India


Sunday 2 April -  ​11:30 to 12:30

An invitation to a special meditation session to celebrate our 10th anniversary with you!

This day we invite you to join a beautiful Osho Heart Dance Meditation to open the heart.  No need of any previous experience, this meditation technique is for everyone.


The heart is our home, is where we find endless relaxation, and from that state is easier to live life joyfully., loose and natural. 

We offer teas and snacks after the session, a moment to share and connect a bit more.

Free session. Advance booking required.

Imparted by Satvika 

Limited places.



Saturday 15 April -  ​11:30 to 13:30



Why do we suffer as humans and what can we do to let go of suffering? 


In this interactive workshop we will dive into the philosophy of yoga. We will discuss the 5 KLESHAS, that is, the 5 roots of all human suffering.


The five kleshas are avidya (ignorance), asmita (over-identifying with your ego), raga (desire, or attachment to pleasure), dvesha (avoidance), and abhinivesha (attachment and fear)

Yoga takes a clear stance as to why we suffer as humans, and what to do to suffer less or maybe to not suffer at all.. So we can live blissful, happy and healthy lives that are fully balanced and aligned with our deepest potential. Let's immerse ourselves together in this beautiful philosophical theory and practice! 


This workshop includes a short meditation before and cookies and tea afterwards! 

No previous experience is necessary, making it suitable for anyone who want to learn about yoga philosophy.

Price 25€

Imparted by Annika 

Limited places.



Wednesday 8 & 29 March - 19:00 to 20:30


This is an invitation to raise our voices chanting together mantras, such a beautiful warm heart feeling. 


Mantras are a way to open the heart, to connect with ourselves , a Bhakti yoga practice that make us live in the present joyfully and unite . 


This is such uplifting and energizing session, don’t miss out !

Price 10

Offered by Nora Belton

Advance reservation essencial. Limited space




Saturday 8 April - 11:30 to 13:30 ​

Hip openers in yoga are said to have even more benefits than just the physical. It is believed that the hips act like a container for our emotions. Thus, stretching the muscles around the pelvis is thought to bring emotional release


They help you in every way because they free up the lower back and hips and make all the other poses possible.

We will practice different asanas to understand your hips, your mobility and flexibility, so you can practice as well at home. 

Asanas : Baddha Konasana, Uttana Pristhasana (lizard pose), Supta Kapotasana (supine pigeon), Malasana, Padmasana, Utthita Supta padangusthasana, Upavista Konasana , Twists asana for closure. 

The Art of BackBends

Saturday 10 June - 11:30 to 13:30 

Practicing backbend open up the front body, increase your hip flexibility, and improve the mobility of lumbar and thoracic spine.

These asanas need to be balance with forward bends, so we are including counterposes for every backbend asana. 

Asanas: Bhujangasa, Dhanurasana, Shalambhasana, Setu Bandhasana, Ustrasana, Chakrasana & Camatkarasana (wild thing pose)  

Price 25€

Imparted by Satvika (Yoga & Meditation teacher)

Limited places.

Doing Yoga


Saturday 22 April -  ​11:30 to 13:00

Breathing is the most vital process in the body. It influences the activities of each and every cell and, most importantly, it is closely related to the functioning of the brain.

Breathing fuels the burning of oxygen and glucose, producing energy to power every muscle contraction, glandular secretion, and mental process. Breathing is intimately linked to all aspects of the human experience.​

Most people breathe incorrectly, using only a small part of their lung capacity. Breathing is then generally shallow, depriving the body of oxygen and prana essential for good health.

Slow, deep, rhythmic breathing stimulates and is stimulated by calm and content moods.


Irregular breathing disrupts the rhythms of the brain and leads to physical, emotional and mental blockages. These, in turn, lead to internal conflicts, unbalanced personality, disordered lifestyle, and disease.


Pranayama establishes regular breathing patterns, breaking this negative cycle and reversing the process. It does this by taking control of the breath and restoring the natural, relaxed rhythms of the body and mind.

Pranayama practices should be done after asana in an integrated yoga program.

In this workshop we practice different pranayamas and Prana Kriyas, creating an appropriate sequence to be able to incorporate it into your daily yoga practice.


No previous experience is necessary, making it suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to learn about breathing, or for advanced yoga practitioners who want to go deeper.

Price 25€

Imparted by Satvika (Yoga & Meditation teacher)

Limited places.



Saturday 13 & 20 May - 11:30 to 14:30 ​

We have all been through this moment, where we want to start doing Yoga, but we are not sure what it is, or what styles there are and what is the difference between each style.


Questions like:

  • what is yoga really?

  • Is it a physical activity, a sport?

  • Can I do yoga if I am not flexible?

  • Can I do yoga if I have a physical injury?

  • Does Yoga serve to remove stress? anxiety?

  • What is meditation? How to meditate?

  • I don't have time in my day, but I would like to start doing yoga, how can I do it?

  • Is yoga only for women?

  • And many many more questions!!!


This course is especially for those who want to know more about yoga, and better understand what is best for them according to their body and daily routines.


Here we offer you the possibility of building a solid foundation and offering you essential tools to start and continue your yoga practice, so that you can go to classes with confidence and security, and have the minimum knowledge of the essentials in this practice.



This course is divided into 2 Modules of 3 hours/day.


Module I

  • Who can do yoga and who is it for?

  • Basic principles of Yoga Philosophy

  • Traditional Yoga or Modern Yoga? Different styles, schools, what is best for me?

  • Breathing and Meditation : Establish the main aspects of Pranayamas (Breathing Exercises) and the first steps to Meditation



Module II

  • Asanas: It is an aspect better known as "yoga" but it is only one eighth of the practice. What are Asanas, and what are they for? Basic Mother Postures and the effect on the spine. What to do and what not to do ? Physical aspect of the practice with spiritual benefits.

  • Complete yoga class structure.

  • Questions, Answers . Discovering the style of yoga that best suits you. 


Price 120€

Imparted by Satvika (Yoga & Meditation teacher)


Tea & snacks are included .

Limited places.

Yoga Pose


Saturday May 6 - ​11:30 to 14:30

Special class offered by Dr.Sebastian Lazer and Dr.Chinju Sebastian are Siddha physicians from Kerala, South India. With the degree of BSMS (Siddha Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) from the University of Kerala, Trivandrum. They are specialized in Siddha Varma Therapy.

- Basics of Siddha Medicine, everything that is included in siddha, diagnostic and treatment aspects of Siddha, role of yoga and meditation in our daily life


- Varma: varma points, Varma Therapy, its importance, detailed explanation of 5 main varma points on the face and correlation with modern science)


- practical session of facial varmatherapy for diseases

such as headache, sinusitis, stress, facial problems, etc...

Taught by Satvika (Yoga & Meditation teacher)

Price €150

Advance booking essential. Limited places.



Saturday 27 May -  ​11:30 to 13:30

What are bandhas ? What importance do they have in Asana and yoga practice and what is the point of including them as a part of our practice? And what does it have to do with kundalini energy?


In this workshop we learn about the three main bandhas as well about “Maha Bandha”, the “Master Lock”. We learn about the importance of applying them in our everyday practice and also learn when they should not be practiced.

Experience how using the bandhas elevates your yoga practice to a more profound and more subtle level. 

coming closer to the real meaning of yoga, which is to unify mind and body.



Price 25€

Imparted by Annika

Limited places. Advance reservation required.


Every year at Satya Sadhana Sasthan Ashram - Rishikesh & Goa

Rishikesh Dates: Begins November 2022

Dates in GOA: January 15 to March 15, 2023.

Swami Prem Samdarshi was born in 1961 in Banda (near Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, India), the eldest son of a cloth merchant. He instinctively knew the Vipassana meditation technique and practiced it on his own until after meeting his Master, Osho, he realized that what he had been practicing was a powerful ancient meditation technique. In 1983 Osho initiated him into Sannyas, after which he spent considerable time in Osho's presence. Years of intense meditation followed during which he also tried a variety of meditation techniques, but eventually returned to Vipassana.


After 7 years of intense sadhana, he attained enlightenment on April 2, 1990. Describing the experience, Swami Samdarshi said, “All knowledge of existence was revealed to me. All my existential questions were answered. My thirst was quenched. Finally, I came home.” Master Samdarshi currently runs Satsang retreats in Rishikesh, Manali, Goa (India) and travels the world at various times of the year offering daily Satsang, teaching meditation and answering questions from seekers.


"Sat" means Truth and "Sang" means Company. Satsang means "in the company of Truth". In deep and intimate proximity with the Truth. A trusting and receptive communion with the Master who has attained the Truth. In a state of silence, open heart and deep love, the Master flows towards the disciple. Satsang is an open event based on donations.

Please contact us for more information.

"Love is your nature. You were born with it and you have never been without it. Sharing is the path to your nature and when you reach your nature, you will suddenly find that you are full of love."


Swami Samdarshi
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