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Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle

Yoga Teacher Training

YTTC Hatha Yoga 200 hours

Yoga Teacher Training course at Ashram Ibiza will give you a clear understanding and depth of practice. This is the starting point if you are looking for a course that strengthens the knowledge of Yoga or if you are ready to deepen your practice or start the path of teaching The training is suitable for those interested in starting a complete yoga journey, being a highly demanding training for those without any experience in Yoga.  


We based our teachings on the traditional Yoga of India, honouring the foundation of Yoga from its beginning.


Yoga teacher training is an experience that has changed the lives of many yoga practitioners, giving them a great opportunity to find their true path in life, to awaken their inner power and find a recognized and valued professional tool with international application in any country.


This course is semi-intensive, since on-site classes are held only on weekends, for 9 weeks in our studio in Santa Eularia del rio, giving you the chance to continue with your daily activities for the rest of the week, as well as consult our teachers during the week, any doubts or questions that you may have during the training.

In our yoga center, you will also be able to meet different teachers, styles of Yoga, and be in a friendly atmosphere, connecting with other students and exchanging experiences. You will be able join our weekly yoga classes and  to learn from teacher in those classes, learn the dynamics of our center's classes and much more!



  • Techniques, training & practice:  1) Asana: Historical context, Safe Complete sequencing, Anatomical principles and contradiction. Hatha & Restorative Styles 2) Pranayamas & Subtle Body: Understanding of the Breath, Effect of pranayamas on anatomy and subtle body, Complete sequencing with alternatives and adaptations. Main Techniques. Kosha, Chakras, Nadis & Prana Vayus. Kriyas 3) Meditation: What is Meditation, methods and different techniques.

  • Anatomy & Physiology: Skeletal System,  Nervous system, Cardiovascular/circulatory, endocrine, digestive system  as they relate to yoga practice. Respiratory System. Types of joint movements, stabilization, Safe movements for balancing, stretching, awareness and physical limitations. Contraindication, misalignments, adaptation. 

  • History, Vedanta Philosophy, Hatha & Modern yoga. Philosophy of Yoga, Bagavad gita, Yoga sutras. 

  • Teaching methodology, Professional development, Practice teaching & Mentorship.

  • Exam & thesis. Graduation Ceremony and Certification on completion. Eligibility to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion

  • Continue Education & up coming training. Teaching support & consultation during your journey. 



  • Discipline to attend all classes: Is the responsibility of the participant to come on time to classes and follow the entire program. Mostly of the training is done in person, having the option in some Theory classes to be followed on line. 

  • The student must to participate in all classes to complete the certification.

  • Classes will be taught in Spanish & English.

  • Practice & commitment during the course. You will get better understanding if you join classes between the weekends, study, take notes and ask questions.

  • Friendly atmosphere: we are all together in the process! Stay open, flexible, and listen to your class mates. “Sharing” is the key of transformation.

  • Yoga equipment included.

  • The bibliography that we use during the training must be purchased by the participant. Ashram Ibiza will provide the Teacher's Manual at the beginning of the course.




  • The training is offered on the Weekends of October (Saturday & Sunday) from 8am to 6:00pm and in November on Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 8:00am to 6:00pm, at our Yoga Center in Santa Eularia. 75% of the training is in person and 25% is online (theory classes held by Yogis from India)

  • Full length of the course: 2 months (9 weekends)

  • Non residential

  • Brunch included every weekend



Tuition: 1800 €

Registration fee: 300 € (Online payment or cash at our reception desk)


Payments options:

1 payment of 1500 €

3 payments of 530 €

6 Payments of 275 €


Already student of Ashram Ibiza? 


  • Benefit of a 10% discount when applying to our Teacher training courses and Post- education training. 

  • A 5% discount in your monthly Yoga pass in our Yoga Studio in Santa Eulalia, during and after the completion of the course.

Training Timetable (tentative)

8:00-8:30 Meditation- Shatkarmas

8:30-9:30 Pranayamas & Kriyas

9:30-11:00 Hatha (Alignment, Sequencing, Do's & Dont's, etc)

11:00-12:00 Brunch

12:00-13:00 Teaching Methogology/ Karma Yoga / Workshops

13:00-15:00 Theory Classes (On site & Online)

16:00-18:00 Asana Clinic

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