Relaxing Massage
Relaxing Massage

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Massage Stones
Massage Stones

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Head Massage
Head Massage

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Relaxing Massage
Relaxing Massage

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We offer different treatments, therapies and wellness packages to increase your wellbeing and help you to relax body, mind and soul.
Please contact us by Mobile / WhatsApp +34 686 512 284 or visit us directly at the center to book an appointment.  Home service available on request.


60 minutes - 70€

The physiotherapist helps those affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, postural education and advice to regain or simply maintain health.

OSTEOPATHY (Structural, Visceral and Cranial)

60 minutes - 70€

Manual holistic therapy that aims to restore function in the body by treating the causes of pain and imbalance. Osteopathy can treat muscle-skeletal problems and repetitive injuries, chronic tension, headache, sinusitis, bruxism, constipation, digestive problems, sleep problems and more. The treatment consists of non-invasive manipulation and massage of the skeleton and musculature. In addition, specific treatments of the oral cavus are offered for jaw problems, bruxism, muscular tensions of the mouth (with and after orthodontics, tooth extraction) and specific treatments for sinusitis, problems often related to head and neck tensions.


60 minutes - 70€

A light touch, whole body treatment that works with the body's craniosacral structures to support and nourish the central nervous system. It helps to alleviate the aches, pains and strains of life, it improves the body's ability to self-care and produce profound, positive changes.


60 minutes - 80€  /  90 minutes - 120€

The manipulation of soft tissues to relieve discomfort in different parts of the body, caused by various factors such as trauma, bad posture, stress, among others. It is a deep manual massage complemented with therapeutic stretching and vertebral alignments.


60 minutes - 70€ / 90 minutes - 95€

A deep tissue massage involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles).


60 minutes - 70€

This energetic massage can help minimise the appearance of cellulite on your body. Anti-Cellulite treatments combine firm pressure and fast pace, using oils and rolling to get the blood flowing, break down fatty tissues and lessen irregularities between the skin and tissue. This massage is very vigorous, but you will come out feeling rejuvenated and lighter.


60 minutes - 70€  /  90 minutes - 95€

A very delicate and soft massage that helps to improve blood circulation, and alleviate retention of liquids, edems and other lymph-related disorders.


60 minutes - 70€ / 90 minutes - 95€

The essence of massage is found in the quality of contact, in the presence and attention with which another body is touched. And it is through this quality of contact that we bring consciousness to the body.

It is exactly like a meditation. It is reaching a deeper level of consciousness that allows us to connect with our essence. It is an invitation to be aware of the breath, and to feel it as an opportunity to connect the mind with the heart, with the inner stillness.


60 minutes - 70€

90 minutes - 95

It is the perfect combination of relaxation and depth. It is based on a set of rhythmic and enveloping movements that help the energy to flow to release tension and pain. It provides a feeling of mental, physical and spiritual integrity to those who receive it. Old patterns of stress are often broken and stored emotions released. The Californian massage is a journey into yourself.


75 Minutes - 100€  /  90 minutes - 120€

A generic term for all hands-on massage during or after pregnancy (prenatal or postnatal massage). Using a pregnancy massage table (table designed to accommodate a woman's pregnant belly with bolsters), you will be positioned comfortably on your side. This helps especially during the later stages of pregnancy. Lying on your side is often the most comfortable position. Positive effect are: lowered anxiety, decreased back and leg pain, improved sleep, decreased levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine.


75 Minutes 100€ / 90 minutes 120€

Enjoy Ayurveda Massage Experience, harnessing the therapeutic power of medicinals oils extracted from sacred Ibizan plants, acconpanying the Abhyanga technique, ancestral instruments and soulful song to restore your unique energetic and emotional balance.


90 minutes - 150€

Pinda sweda massage is done with handmade bags with selected sacred local plants (steamed). Applied to the entire body with circular strokes and frictions movements. Accompanied with a sound journey and intuitive voice. Recommended to release toxins, stress, insomnia, inflammation, stiffness, muscle and bone pain. Is a relaxing and medicinal treatment.


75 minutes - 75€

120 minutes - 120€

This massage, combines pressure points and active steps with hot oils, aims to activate energy, move any blockage or toxin in the body and help eliminate it. Its benefits improve the quality of the physical and mental body for the prevention and maintenance of good health.

To improve and personalize your experience, any of these options can be added with supplement of 10€: Pinda (muscle tension), Udwartanam (lymphatic), Garshana (exfoliation), Basti (local oil bath), Nasya (nasal oil bath), Karnapooran (ear oil bath), Facial tools (natural lifting)


80 minutes - 150€

One of the most special treatments you can experience. By pouring a flow of warm oil on the forehead for approximately 1 hour, it works directly on the nervous system to provide a maximum feeling of relaxation and openess.


60 minutes - 60€

The session consists of an Express Test to identify your needs, skin cleansing, massages with natural oils, vapors, soft detoxifying massage, facial mask, toning and hydration.


90 minutes - 100€

The session consists of an Express Test to identify your needs, full body massage with aromatic oils, detoxification and skin cleansing with clays and medicinal plants.


90/120 minutes - 90

Energetic method based on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmonization, in order to remove physical pain, emotional or post-traumatic blocks. This session allows to balance all the states of the person, experiencing a deep relaxation. In many situations this session can allow the person to gain clarity to make decisions or take new steps in their life. Languages spoken: Spanish /French


60 minutes - 65€

Soft massage on reflex points of the spine (feet-hands-head). Stimulates self-healing mechanisms.
In a very deep and subtle way, this massage will help release cellular memories acquired on conception, during gestation to present time- thereby unblocking physical, emotional and mental issues.

Pregnant: During pregnancy each emotion is perceived by the baby. Having the possibility of awakening your consciousness through the Metamorphic massage will help the mother and the baby throughout the pregnancy process. pregnant

ACCESS BARS® - Digitopuncture Technique 

60 minutes - 100€

90 minutes - 150

The Access Bars are points that we have in the head, through which energy flows. During the sessions they are gently touched stimulating the physiological changes required to achieve greater well-being. It enables the release physical, mental and emotional blocks.

Benefits: better health, pain relief, mental clarity, reduction of symptoms of depression, panic, obsessions, hyperactivity, stress, decreased migraines and insomnia. Greater intuition, better relationships.

Increased motivation and communication, significant increase in feelings of happiness, joy, gratitude and peace.


90 / 120 minutes - 95€

A Reading Akashic Records "soul sequences" allows through channeling, seeing, recognizing, understanding current events that are repeated without knowing why, and preventing us from moving forward. It helps to see what are the blocks, fears and unconscious patterns that may be interfering now for a better inner connection and to know what life cycle you are in today. It is a message that allows you, from your freedom, to make the decisions that you feel most appropriate for your path. It is an opportunity to reorient the Soul to the true path. Session in Spanish.


60 minutes - 70€

The Natal Chart, a photo of the sky at the moment of your birth, is your energetic DNA, through which the cosmos allows us not only to understand your energies and rhythms, but how they operate in your life.

His reading invites a reflective process that helps to have a notion of who you are in depth and who you can be too. Many times the letter shows us parts of ourselves that we never explore.

Understanding your energies is essential to know what you need, what you have in your favor and what resources you can acquire.

In the letter you can see issues such as your personality, how your emotional world works, partner choices, vocation and work. The reading approach is based on psychological astrology, which is the new vision of modern astrology.

Sessions in Spanish and English.


60 minutes - 70€

It is the return of the Sun to the same position of birth. This reading is done close to the birthday date and helps us understand what energies we will have available.

Being aware of this energy that we will have in the year allows us to accompany the events that happen to us in a more fluid and integrated way.

It's a great tool to help us gauge the themes that will come up for you over the 12 months from one birthday to the next.

Sessions in Spanish and English.


Our Wellness Packages are for clients seeking a wide variety of wellness choices that are customizable to their preferences, and are designed to be taken at the comfort of your home or at our Santa Eularia center.


Private yoga classes, massage therapies, and many wellness services are available a la carte, simply choose as you go!

  • Wellness consultation to design a program specifically for you. 

  • Private yoga class to deepen your practice with a clear focus on your personal goals.

  • Massage therapy to promote general relaxation, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, or release pain. Our massages include: therapeutic, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, Californian, and more.

  • Wellness Services: Ayurveda consultation & treatments, Meditation & Mindfulness, Physio-Ostheo-Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga Therapy.

Our mission is to provide a safe and sacred space to enliven the body, stimulate the mind, express emotions and renew the spirit. 

Through a holistic approach to wellness, we will help facilitate transformation and release blocks, clearing the pathway to inner peace and ease in your life.



Wellness consultation

90 min Yoga Class

60 min Massage



Wellness consultation

90 min Yoga & Meditation Class

60 min Massage

60 min wellness Service



Wellness consultation

2 x 90 min Yoga Class

2 x 60 min Massage

60 min Wellness Service



Wellness consultation

4 x 90 min Yoga Class

90 min Personal Yoga Practice Design

2 x 60 min Massage

2 x 60 min Wellness Service



1 - Treatments can be received at our center or at the location of your choice, in which last case there is an extra 35€ charge on top of the regular price.
2 - Cancellation and/or rescheduling is possible up to 24 hours before your appointment. Cancellations made less than 24 hour prior to the appointment time will be charged at full amount.
3 - Please note that the therapies we offer at Ashram Ibiza do not replace medical treatment. In case of acute pain or disease, please consult your doctor before making an appointment.

4 - Wellness Packages are designed to be taken on your location or our center  in Santa Eularia. Advance reservation and payment essential.